Thursday, July 07, 2005

But what then...

Thomas Friedman's latest Op-Ed sounds like everything else Friedman's said for decades, and while his sentiments are good and his heart's in the right place (and he's for the most part right, IMHO), he stops short and tsk-tsks.

And because I think that would be a disaster, it is essential that the Muslim world wake up to the fact that it has a jihadist death cult in its midst. If it does not fight that death cult, that cancer, within its own body politic, it is going to infect Muslim-Western relations everywhere. Only the Muslim world can root out that death cult. It takes a village.

You can agree with this and still find his arguments come up short. Responsible Western governments can't sit and wait for Muslims to get their act together while their citizens are being bombed, shot and beheaded. Citizens in the West should not tolerate it. All the while, Muslims in the West continue to whine and cavil, without making any measurable progress in delegitimzing and destroying their extremist elements. Words are cheap. These folks have to start paying attention and ratting out their extremist coreligionists if they are to prove themseves truly part of the Western world. If the Unabomber's own flesh and blood will give him up, there's no excuse for Muslims to not actively root out and expose evil in their midst.

There will come a time when Western countries will say, "enough is enough", and begin finding ways to expel Muslims and seal them out, regardless of whether they are currently entitled to citizenship or residence due to postcolonial policies. Friedman is right about this: it's time for Muslims themselves to put up. Or get out.


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